Monday, November 21, 2011

house league number one

It's that time of year again

House league started yesterday with a tunnellers, jumpers with weaves and standard run. Thea did tunnellers then played with the chute and dog walk after the event. She was EXCELLENT! It was loud and chaotic and exactly what we needed! She was incredibly opinonated in her crate though.

Brody was foot perfect - apart from gakking up a treat after the start line in jumpers. If you choose to watch the video you'll notice I choose to let him stand on the table and told the judge I was bypassing the table with Sally. For Sally it was very close to the teeter and I want her to drive onto the table and auto down. It would have been impossible to get what I wanted in that set up. I love house league!
This was the first time either dog has seen a contact  in a course since Nationals. (Sally did three teeters in isolation one night) Brody is quickly becoming living proof that less is more with well trained dogs who are maintaining fitness otherwise. Sally continues to be proof that short daily workouts would be awesome!

It was good to be able to concentrate on the dogs and on scoring. I did judge 2 of the large dog classes but I actually really enjoy that too.

Another fun day!


Helen said...

LOoks like everyone had fun, wish we had a house league to go to :-(

Muttsandaklutz said...

Perfect song for Sally starting off that party! Nice work/play from all three of them!