Saturday, October 01, 2011

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Linked to  a new blog today - "Supernova" - disc dog stuff - not something I aspire to but Angelo's addiction to his sport - matches my agility addiction - and I am friends with his sister. Not that Angelo knows I exist - but he and I moved together towards positive dog training and his sister was hearing about what he was doing as she watched my journey. Interesting for her!

Maybe we could try disc? I don't have to bring it back to you do I?

You asked about 30 hamsters - it was actually 31 that day .. and 15 more have come in.. 46 in total 6 placed, 4 in what will likely be permanent foster homes .... so hopefully I won't have to be a crazy hamster lady for much longer!

I have been involved in large number rescues of various species over the years - too many cat hoarders to count - we brought in 38 cats one day though (very sadly that whole group ended up being euthanized - doing that gave me a whole lot of understanding for how compassion fatigue can overwhelm shelter staff.) The Misener's puppy mill bust at about 240 dogs was the largest dog intake I've been on the front lines  for - 80 hours in less than 2 weeks and it sure didn't feel like enough.

I like the fields way better than the cages in the mill I was born in!
(likely Miseners in a weird confluence of fate)

 I also provided the landing pad for a 26 dog intake from the basement of a pet store. 18 Boston Terriers, 1 Italian greyhound,1 whippet, and 1 french bulldog spent a couple of nights with me until we got more foster homes lined up. (We were able to have foster spots for the chows and shibu inus before they arrived at my house- thank heavens). 100 budgies arrived on our door step (thanks to my Dad's help in transporting them). Luckily a friend had unoccupied office space for 3 weeks - which gave us time to assess and sort them. By the end of the three weeks Shelly and I each ended up with about 25  and that somehow seemed OK! I also spent 2 weeks organizing and then driving about 130 guppy babies to new homes when a true animal lover moved into a house to find an abandoned fish tank full of guppies waiting for her!

46 hamsters really doesn't seem like that many!

especially when we are all so cute!

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Muttsandaklutz said...

Oh my goodness... I guess it's all a matter of perspective, eh?

In a parallel world I would like to have a house full of non-carnivores, would be lots of room for some of those hamsters, along with some rabbits and guinea pigs. Unfortunately I think Walter would have a wee bit too much "fun" with them!