Saturday, October 15, 2011


Yeah  - just like like in the Road Runner - except real, furry, fanged and unhappy.

We surprised him (or her?) and he shocked us.

In leaping away from us he got his paw caught on a fence - briefly- but that gave Sally and Sampson time to get within four hysterical feet of him. Big T got to within about 8 feet of him. Luckily at that point he got free and went bounding through the forest with no sign of damage done.

not our coyote - ours had not just hackles raised but full body piloerection happening though
he had the same lovely face showing 

Sally and Sampson did both recall off him. They bolted past us though and while I did nab Sally,  Sam turned and followed the coyote trail for a few very long minutes (honestly probably not even two full minutes - but seconds seem like forever sometimes). Thank heavens for ongoing, consistent recall training. I really do have to wonder if ANY dog would have recalled off the coyote immediately and laid down quietly while the coyote RAN away. Brody was perfect - he didn't make a sound or even look at the coyote so I don't think his perfection can really count.

I found it really interesting how completely worked up both Sally and Sam were - Sally can go and out of high drive pretty easily usually and I often hold her when she appears to be aroused with little effort. When Sam was down the trail after Coyote Wild and Big T walked in the same direction Sally truly lost her mind - she actually pulled me over while she squealed and fretted. Brody was being held by my little finger as he had NO interest in the coyote at all. Sally is an extremely submissive dog (which is why when I realized I would have to chose one dog to focus on I chose her - I hoped the slightly bigger more assertive Sampson would not invite any attack from a coyote - or coyote friends)

I was deeply, profoundly grateful that Thea had chosen to stay home by the warm fire while the rain and wind lashed us today. We had a great walk but the 4 minutes or so of coyote interaction were alarming to say the least!

A soaked Sampson relaxing in the field after his great coyote hunt


K-Koira said...

As a note, recalling a dog off a coyote can be dangerous (though, so can not calling them). Koira got bit by a coyote over the summer, not because she chased it down, but because I called her, and the coyote chased her as she ran away and nailed her on the haunches.

Helen said...

SCARY!! I doubt Beckett would leave it alone. He doesn't know to stay out of a fight until he's in and relizes he's outmatched.

andrea said...

Koira - my husband was right up in the thick of it when we recalled - the coyote was quite obviously defending itself and trying to get away at the same time - I think we might have been in a worse bind had we allowed the coyote to feel more trapped ... but I hear you - not sure there is a good answer in this kind of situation - you can only do what your instinct tells you to - and hope it's right!

Helen - may you never meet a coyote with any dog!

Muttsandaklutz said...

That is just too scary. So glad everyone is okay and Thea enjoyed a nice time by the fire!