Wednesday, October 19, 2011

finding balance ....

Where did my balance go?
Sally got a little work the last two nights:
  • did 3 teeters  last night
  • tonight worked on fetch, stay, start line set ups - all in our hallway

it was great to find force the time for that - and force really is the word this fall ... too many things to fit in and too little time to do anything  but work and survival.
If I don't make agility/training time I'm going to get grumpy! (and Sally will lose her mind!)

We do basic fitness on the weekends and the dogs get their basic maintenance walks. Sally also goes to day care twice a week and gets 20 minutes of extra free play in a yard with someone throwing a ball for her on those days. That keeps the crew fairly fit and relaxed in the evenings but it doesn't further training or do anything for me. It was nice to find balance two nights in a row! Must try to keep at it.


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