Tuesday, August 17, 2010


sad times around here ....

One of the dogs we had in a foster home died out of the blue yesterday ... young BIG hairy fellow had been neutered and the poor foster mom was literally on the phone with a fencing company to discuss changing her fence to accommodate this dog permanently - she had JUST decided to adopt him when she realized he had peed in his sleep. She hung up the phone and went over to him and realized he was DEAD. How shocking, how horrifying. She APOLOGIZED to us. We apologized to her. He'd been with her nearly 3 months so not like it was anything we could have seen or known. So so sad. Heartbreaking even.

Cadbury, one of my friend Shelly's rabbits died out of the blue this week too. He was a brother to my Bebe so only about 2.5 which is a young rabbit. Shocking.

One of my young foster rabbits died that suddenly too. He didn't even have a name (there were three nearly identical black jersey wooly rabbits in the group - the cream sibling is Q-Tip but names hadn't yet come for the rest of the gang). Horrifying.

And Kaylie is dead. She may have had a stroke yesterday. By this morning she couldn't stand.

She wasn't my dog. I didn't even foster her. But I loved her. An elegant, beautiful lady - she reminded me of my grandmother in some ways. I always made a point of greeting her first when I visited and spending some quality time with her. I am glad we could give her some happy last days but still so sad for Nancy. A presence like Kaylie's will be missed a very very long time.

My heart is shattered. All this loss. Again. It really is part of the cycle of life but still so tough to face in this magnitude.


Sam said...

I don't even know where to start. :( I am so sorry for the losses you have faced this week. My thoughts are with you and all of the other people who loved these animals.

Muttsandaklutz said...

I'm so sorry :-( So very sad for everyone involved... sometimes life just sucks.