Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why did I say the word nose?

Our neighbour dog is a bit reactive and a little aggressive. Not an easy combination to live beside really but we've done the reactive dog thing so we ignore him and all is well generally. I hadn't realized how aggressive he can be til tonight though.

They have planks up along the bottom of their fence to stop him digging and being a jerk. Today a plank was out of place and they didn't realize it. Sally stuck her nose under the fence and he grabbed it. She has a puncture wound on top of her nose and lacerations around her eye. The fence is a double wood fence so he actually reached under the fence to grab her too. I was there and I saw his muzzle reach over and grab her.

She didn't scream but has no interest in even going in the backyard. She has bled a fair bit (which to my old fashioned thinking cleans it at least) and I washed them all well. Off the vets tomorrow for a quick look and antibiotics.

She's swelling up.

Have I mentioned life with Sally is always exciting one way or the other?

It. Is.

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Muttsandaklutz said...

Oh, poor Sally -- and poor you :-( Glad it doesn't look too serious though and she'll be okay... But yeah there's reactive and then there's aggressive... yikes