Friday, August 06, 2010

been a rough couple of days...


rough like heaven rough ...lazy holidays hit us
(well except for catering to the oldies who have invaded our place - they do take some extra time and TLC but both a darling dear dogs so it's well worth it)

Yesterday we went to Point Petre with Sally, Sampson and Brody - it was just beautiful. One of the most beautiful places on earth without a doubt. The dogs ran and swam and splashed in the surf riding the wave crests in. Sally attacked the breaking surf (yah - she's nutz). And we had a great time.

Today we went to the Kingston Sheepdog Trials; lunch with dad and Jean then a visit with a friend in K-town. All were great. The Trials were amazing - they had dock dogs, agility, flyball, sheepdogs, birds of prey, a huge craft tent (lots of wool stuff). I could have spent a FORTUNE (well I did for me - got a cool coat for old feel the heat Brody and a shiny cover thing to keep life cool).

Lucky us. August is going to FLY by.

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Sara said...

You sure know how to "rough it" :)