Wednesday, August 04, 2010

old dogs and hot days ...


Kaylie has come for a visit - her human has gone to Spruce meadows to run in the steeplechase classes attached to 2010 Nationals. Kay is 11o and has some elderly lady issues - she is a bit wobbly, a bit fussy about what she eats and just a wonderful old lady. Big T and I have adored her for many years. She is thoroughly enjoying pottering around the school house and snoozing on a huge doggy bed I dragged downstairs for her (I set it up in a lovely breezy, shady spot).

Ibsen is here for a bit too - he is a very very old man and I'm not sure how long he'll be with us but he had a good day yesterday and is doing OK today too. He's blind and quite deaf and very wobbly too. He ate a full breakfast this am and was looking for more.

I'm so impressed with the way the young going concerns respect the old guys. Kizmet floats in his own little brain lesion driven world and doesn't mind much but Sam and Sally are also showing amazing restraint and gentleness.

Brody is MOST disturbed - his nose is COMPLETELY out of joint. Poor dude. I'll have to do lots of work so he knows he's dog one still!

Big T built me a frame for a tire today - it's fabulous and should stand up for many years. My tire right now is a hoola hoop which isn't the easiest thing to see but it they can get the hang of the hoop a normal tire should be a snap. Right?

*** um and yes that does add to way more dogs than I'd choose to live with but it won't last long ...Big T is making sure of that! TT pants is off staying with her aunt J for a bit just to make some room - you can see in the picture I was sent this morning how much she's suffering!

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