Monday, May 26, 2008

well results are in

and little Brody pulled through with an amazing 396 points ... not too shabby for a year of trialling eh?

yesterday morning started with gambles for us

he got 14 obstacles completed and earned 34 points.. I didn't even try the minis as watching folks they wasted a TON of time on minis generally - the gamble was interesting - tunnel out to "wrong" end of tunnel then down a layered row of jumps

very few dogs got the gamble but those that did were AMAZING to watch

second round came up jumpers - it was a WICKED cool course to run but the tunnel curse followed us - Brody trotted the course rather then running it til we were finished the tunnels then he sped up - we got time faults but ran clean (a LOT of handlers got lost and dogs went off course)

it all came down to the standard run - It was important we ran well though we didn't need a clean run .. Brody was so ON it was amazing - he NAILED a clean run and had 7 extra points as a time bonus ... it was a thrilling way to end a thrilling weekend

he came 10th in jumpers on Saturday and 6th with that fabulous standard run Sunday

TWO regional ribbons - just amazing for a first time

so very grateful to everybody for the support around this ..... and so honoured to live with such a generous dog

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