Sunday, May 11, 2008

the liddle twerp in the basement

isn't in the basement right now - we have no basement in the county ;)

and he has a name - Fitzgerald ( Fitz for short) and while he is a spoiled brat he already has tons of potential

by brat I mean: he's got resource guarding issues; he's somehow been taught that chewing on hands gently is cute; he leaps and spins and has hysterics when he sees a leash; he apparently doesn't like everybody (although he very quickly liked Tom and I) - on the plus side he is papertrained and house trained

he's 14 months old and Tom taught him a rocking COME and sit yesterday while I was off playing agility

he is adorable - probably pretty much what Ibby looked like when a puppy ... awwwwww

his overbite is disgusting - what is it with Shih Tzu teeth eh?

his eye is weepy - so I'm thinking dry eye but we'll see

he's skinny

and don't know what I'll do with him next weekend when I'm at the dog free wedding!ack

Bob is in his trial home for this weekend and next and we'll decide from there what happens with him - let's hope he sticks!

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