Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a little of this and that...

Nice practises this week
Brody is HOT to trot - I wish I had more experience in maintaining condition for him but I guess that's part of this year's learning curve!

Sally was amazing both Monday and Tuesday

very cool little pinwheel thing:


got to wrap, front cross, rear cross - nice thing to work on timing and footwork

also did the lovely oval speed wheel - except we had to turn them around - was fun!

Brody and Fitz are walking together good workout for us all - up and down the ravine hill :)
(yup Fitz has been all cleared to do whatever!)

Thea was sharp on Monday night too- was nice to have enough time to work everybody a bit.

Trying to get organized for being away the next three weekends in a row - feeling a little frantic about it all...

Kaylie isn't feeling great which is tough to see but she doesn't seem to be in pain ...fingers crossed the next three weeks are ok for her...

lots of ... in this post ... kind of sums up things around here... meeting to meeting... crisis to crisis... fabulous workout to fabulous workout...

... Tom was away most of last week and this one ... looking forward to connecting at the wedding this weekend

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