Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day One

Well it's late and I'm burned - and frozen at the same time

Today went ok - though I don't have the safety margin of being over 200 points today - I'm at about 180 I think

80 ish in the standard run - Brody struggled with the weaves..too bad as the rest of the run was lovely but we ended up way overtime and with 10 faults

24 in the gamble - we had a loud teeter bang as Brody came out of a tunnel (which actually slowed down all the rest of the tunnels for the day - hopefully he'll forget that overnight) and a lady opened a chip bag - which Brody heard as he headed up the dog walk - great timing! We did complete 7 obstacles in the time allowed - should have been 9 but there you go. Didn't try the mini gambles the main gamble actually held promise and Brody flipped out to the teeter but then froze so I ran in to support him ..maybe too early but I didn't want him worryinng at all today if there was no need and the run had already been rough

rocked a clean run in jumpers and scored 9 bonus points too - to bring the jumpers total up to 84! it was a course made for Brody lots of straight fast lines

the wind was so strong they had someone standing on the chute so dogs didn't tangle in it - a bit disconcerting to me but ended up being fine :)

the judges were great - it felt a bit like being in a factory but they kept cheerful somehow through it all

Met a few new to me people today but mainly hung out with the eastern crew - and visited with Brandi and Renee a bit too :)

Fitz is being SO GOOD - he's loose leash walking and charming everybody! Started him on tugging and a little 6 inch jumping too - addictions are terrible things ;)

Let's hope tomorrow goes as well - just for FUN!

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