Thursday, March 08, 2012

Thought free Thursday ...

While I process all the most excellent reading I did yesterday on blog day I give you some cute/silly shots of the dogs to enjoy

 Don't ask why the camera is crooked, I have no clue. But I must say Sampson has really filled in. 
I think he's looking great!

 What is Brody thinking about? The balance disc. When he concentrates he sticks his tongue out. 
Very Brody. 

 Oh Sally. Not sure if I'd want to put that silly face on cue but she does crack us up. 
Working on a trick I've wanted to capture for a long time. Finally decided to try on Sunday.
Doing 2 minutes or less a day. Should finish it for Staff Talent Show. 
Should show you all. 

Thea knows the whole world exists to serve her. Princess!

Deeper thinking soon. 

When my brain recovers.

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