Thursday, March 29, 2012

still up to my eyeballs

in agility and thinking and running and having fun but the end is in sight - Sally will be devastated!

I'm trying to unpack a little of what I've been working on in order to make sure there is nothing that needs clarification before Webb Anderson leaves town again.

On Friday we worked on contacts and weaves. Interesting.  Found a hole in Sally's training (jump into an onside offset entry - I would have thought it was simple but it's the exact entry she had to repeat at Nationals now that I think about it). Brody is weaving like he wants to speed up and figure out footwork - he's had an epiphany it seems! Contacts are improving day by day with Sally and staying awesome with Brody.

Saturday was the handling day. Ran Thea in session one mainly - fun fun fun to have the pipsqueak out! The afternoon was a little more challenging so ran Sally mostly. (I think Brody had a turn but honestly can't recall!) Practiced smoothing out my handling .. more flow less sudden had a great afternoon but wasn't feeling great about my last run with Sally.

Sunday was building confidence. Thea had fun with nascar and drag racing. Then we ran the fun match courses. Lots of fun but lots of hard work too as many people showed up. Webb videoed for feedback but I haven't gotten feedback yet.

Tuesday was another lesson. We started seriously proofing Sally's contacts. She was a good girl! Her dog walk entry wobbled though - it's always something!! Played a few minutes with Brody's weaves again. Thinking fast foot work first - then distance - it's amazing to see him looking for the entries by himself!

Wednesday was course work. Webb set a course and everybody played on it. Sally had plenty of faults (shame about the handler stuff) and the young dogs ran beautifully. I lie ... handler was running for broke and having a blast. I figured what was the point of showing Webb a carefully executed and managed clean run? What feedback could I get from that?  Sally's contacts were pretty solid I have to admit. Brody and I ran for broke too - he is such fun to run!

Just Saturday left - starters handling in the am then a 3 person workshop in the afternoon. Not sure what we'll be doing. Know it will be fun.

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