Thursday, March 01, 2012

a little dream weaving ...

another fun work out at the training hall last night

I'm missing lessons very much but my schedule is so erratic this year there is no way I could commit for 6 weeks in a row ... three chances to do agility in seven nights is a miracle!

That Thea got to play twice is mind blowing! She was very cute thinking her way through 12 weave poles! She worried on the dog walk again but for a shorter period of time than last week.

Brody had fun - we did nothing serious although we did a couple of weave entries without steadying him just letting him find the entrance. He is such a good boy.

Sally had a riot. I did the toy scattering thing which she wanted to fall for very badly - and then dropped her flyer as she was weaving - she pulled out twice then realized I was trying to trick her - that was the end of that!

The yelling you hear is Thea saying she wants another turn!!