Thursday, March 31, 2011

'tis the night before Webb...

and all through the house
Andrea is scurrying like a wee mouse

where are the treats?
the touch plates, the shoes?

the towels and coats?
what can I lose?

It'll be a whole weekend of MAD agility - hopefully lots of thinking - and pushing myself to meet my mission .. and I'm pretty excited I'm planning to play with Thea a little bit too .. .she pretty much only runs agility at trials and a little on the lawn - she doesn't get to do lessons ever ...

Sally and Brody were wonderful on Tuesday night - Brody ran in the first class - did some nice discrimination work and some great weaves .. ran a PERFECT course. Sally was a little high but ran and worked beautifully too. Her weaves were a bit frightening - she was pushing the poles out of her way with her head. Her course was right on too. She has some real jumping/maneuvering talent.