Saturday, March 05, 2011

Woman on a mission ...

I was asked ages ago if my agility was a business what would it's mission statement look like.
I puzzled over this for ages and desperately made notes ... I got as far as " in a nutshell my mission is to have fun and be successful running whatever dogs I have the pleasure of working with". That piece of wisdom baloney took close to two months to eke out. I had a long conversation yesterday with a trainer I have a great deal of respect for and he gave me an analogy that resonated with me. A mission leads to building a pyramid. I tried putting Nationals at the top of the pyramid and regionals in an upper middle block and suddenly the vision became real to me.

Here's the current version "My Agility Mission: to run every run with intention, passion and commitment; to hone my handling skills and maximize my dogs' potential for excellence." By every run I mean EVERY run .. on the lawn, at workshops, at trials where ever and whoever I'm running. Putting text into my pyramid blocks was enlightening. Sally needs a whole lot more blocks in her pyramid than Brody does. The blocks made me really think about skill sets for both dogs. If I can figure out how to share the actual pyramids here I will .. as it should help me focus!

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