Monday, February 07, 2011

Sally is bored already - you think she'd be tired for a minute eh? Not our Sally. No way. No how. Brody has a hot spot in his back - first time I've seen that so I'll have to up his fitness work again.

This is the Fullhouse course. With both dogs I started with the 5 point joker in the middle - with Brody I headed right for the outside of the line and worked my way around to the tunnel - got there faster than expected so added the tunnel and one of the joker jumps on my way to the table. Sally ended up doing every tunnel once and the opening joker twice. She flew the course.

Sally's snookers course. She was fabulous. FOOT perfect fabulous. Not a bubble, bobble or other glitch had me doubt for one second that if I steered right she'd be exactly where I needed her to be doing what I asked. Amazing girl. (Need to get my confidence back on start lines - she was good but I didn't lead out nearly as far as I used to - not sure why)

Brody squeaked this course - he needs 32 points now and we got them - barely. He trotted the first half then really started to fly once we hit the closing. He ran really well yesterday. I was very happy as I have this sense (not for any particular reason) that his retirement isn't that far away.

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Muttsandaklutz said...

Awww, I'm sorry to hear about your sense... though I guess it's inevitable sooner or later. Hoping for a little closer to later.