Sunday, February 06, 2011


in the interests of saving you some reading 9/9 baby - oh yah.

The afternoon started with Jumpers - Brody's level 3 class was first. There were a couple of of course options and a wicked little serpentine but Brody handled them like the pro he is. Bing Bang Boom. Not quick (3.4 yps) but not slow either.

Sally's jumpers run (level 2) was next. Another nice course with less off course options but one long flowing line that sucked a few dogs off course. She flew it. She did pull one rail and I'm quite sure it was the new turf surface. She thought she could dig in coming out a tunnel, tried to and ended up a little flat. No real issue though you could see she wasn't happy with the rail. Fastest time in the class. 5.1 yps. Wowser.

Next was Fullhouse. In this crazy game you have to get 3 1 point obstacles, 2 3 point obstacles and one joker (5 point obstacle). The course was laid out with lots of options. I got a little unfocused with Brody as he was faster then I thought he'd be so we did an extra loop which worked out fine. He won his class with 25 points. Sally won her class with 31 points. Good dogs.

Brody's standard class was next. He nearly came off the side of the teeter - BRAT! I'm sure he cursed me too though as I sent him to the aframe saying "tunnel, no teeter, no tire - what is this thing called?" and he did it fine so I guess it was a little payback! SLOW start then he picked up. Good thing he's a vet!

Wildcard was next. I usually find wildcard boring. NOT these courses no way no how. Off course options. Three jumps with 5 feet between each one. Jumps inside of tunnel curves. Crazy. Fun. Make you work courses. I LOVED them. Sally ran hers in 4.8 yps. She is a GOOD dog. (Won her class and was the fastest on our course so I guess won the whole shebang) Brody won his class too though a little more slowly - once he hit the end of the course he BOOGIED. Trotted the first half though!

Last classes were snookers. I planned a conservative route for Brody being sure not to waste space as best I could. He was not in the mood to start and trotted for the first two reds and the 6 point repeat ... then he picked up. He squeaked by with his 32 points.
Overall he ran well and I was pleased he was having as much fun as he was. He is a very very good dog. Sally's snookers class was smoking. She ran FOOT perfect and fast - she had 10 seconds to spare and earned 46 points ... what an amazing girl she's proving to be.


Laura and The Corgi, Toller, & Duck said...

Congratulations!! It sounds like they're really getting confident out there.

Sara said...

Congrats! 5.1YPS? Wow! I only dream of numbers like that.

YOu're right, CPE does rock.

Muttsandaklutz said...

Wowzers!! What a great trial for all three of you -- way to go!