Sunday, January 30, 2011


The picture is of Coco's brother Freckles - now known as Jac with his new big brother Teddi. Cute factor is off the chart eh? Puppies both continue to do well in their homes but wow do I miss Coco pants. It's nice having time to work with Sampson though!
In between adoptions (ins and outs as it turned out) I made time to play with Sally, Thea and Brody at the hall. Great sessions.

Brody was amazing - flying along beside me - doing a little distance work too. Fabulous little rock star dog!! His contacts were HOT - we worked on speeding up off the end of the dog walk ... it worked. The aframe was 5'6 so I didn't do too many reps of that but he did one nice one with little distance to it.
We wove and did chutes and tunnels and then did a nice little jump grid. (The jump grid was where we built some distance). We also worked the table - never hurts to be prepared!

Thea did some tunnel distance work. Worked the end of a dog walk a few times. Worked her end teeter behaviour (for the first time in a very long time). Worked some chutes. Worked the tire. Did some 10 inch jump work. Too cute, too funny. I really should put a start line stay on this little flyer!!

Sally worked well. I did a fair few contacts on the aframe with her. She did two PERFECT confident aframes and stuck the bottom. I tossed out a toy and released her to it when she nose touched. I was VERY pleased with her. Her weaves, jump work etc were also excellent. I worked her in short doses in between the little's turns. It was good for her. She certainly works herself hard.

Sophie worked with us. It was really nice to have the company. Sophie and Nancy were busy doing thier own productive thing but I think it's good for my guys to get used to working around the distraction of another working team. Makes a trial run seem easy!!


Sam said...

Jealous of you doing all of this agility work. Our agility has been SO sporadic lately, due to snow, conflicting schedules, and the like. I'm glad you had some good sessions with Brody, Thea and Sally!

Sara said...

That is the cutest photo ever!

Your agility session sounds like a blast. I love how it is different for each one of your dogs.

andrea said...

All this work? - aww Sam I have spent about 36 minutes on agility since the middle of December. But I'm lucky to be able to play some - hoping to get over for a more structured period of time this week maybe (as Sally and Brody have a trial afternoon Sunday). This time of year makes agility tough for sure :)
Sara - the dogs sure are different - if I tried a one size fits all training approach I think either they'd mutiny and eat me or their heads would blow off their bodies :)

Muttsandaklutz said...

What a beautiful photo! Looks like little Jac's face was made the perfect shape for his big bro's chin to nestle in to.