Sunday, January 09, 2011

two, three, four and more

Yes - Thea is actually sound asleep on top of Sally as they ride shot gun on the way home this afternoon

Snookers day at House League today ..
I got to try designing a course (HARD work) judging, scoring etc - lots of fun.

But for me the BEST part was running 9 snookers courses! (yup Brody, Sally and Thea all got to play).

We modified the rules so dogs got to do the opening until they faulted then carry on the closing .. which we also scored until faulting (or running out of time). It was a neat way to play - no zero point runs ...

Brody scored 56, 53 and 60 (in the first run tunnels were the reds and we counted them for 2!)- small dogs got a 5 point bonus!
Thea scored 43, 44, 55
Sally scored 36 (in the last run when my brain turned off) 51 and 54.

Much more importantly though they all ran well and had fun! Lots of fun!

Sally had a three hour hike in the Rouge Valley yesterday which meant I was running my best Sally today - yes she barked a little, yes she motored but she wasn't flipped over the top as she can be in class
It was nice to have all my dogs "on" today ... I do like snookers - and maybe there is hope for Sally and Thea someday!

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Muttsandaklutz said...

That photo is just the sweetest thing! What good friends.

9 Snooker runs -- wow now that's a full day! Glad everyone had fun.