Saturday, January 01, 2011

Goals for 2011 ..

Thanks for the inspiration Lisa and Crystal ;)

from Feb 3 last year - "think it's time to goal set for 2010?"
Super Sally
keep training when I can catch a minute done ... loved my summer work plan for Sally
work her perfect downs on tables everywhere done ... though she still argues sometimes
run CPE level 1 and 2 classes as appropriate done - 2 trials and she's in level 2 for all games
run AAC gamblers, snookers and maybe jumpers classes through the spring and summer - done .. not just ran but successfully ran jumpers and gamblers .. 2 tries at snookers haven't quite panned out but that will come
add standard and steeplechase as she levels out - one of each tried at last trial - went well really

Terrific Thea
either enjoy CPE level 1 whenever possible or put a whole whack of time into training then follow Sally's plan above - done -we went with option 1 - Thea has all level 1 CPE titles

Brave Brody
get him fit enough to play - do some drop in training to get him running again - done
trial one day a month - probably averaged out to this nearly
go to Regionals (and qualify for nationals - goal at this point) nope and that's OK :)
Brody earned his snookers title and is one jumpers away from the jumpers title
we tried standard and gamblers at our last trial - not particularly successfully but we did it - and that counts! In CPE he steadily wracked up the Qs as well - he's nearly done level 3

What good dogs ...

Looking forward to this year ...
(both looking ahead to think and plan and looking forward with a sense of enjoyment actually)

Brody - get that last elusive jumpers Q; finish level 3 CPE titles; work on distance a little (for fun like); run happy and quick; and perhaps attend Regionals

Thea - work on getting 200 more level 1 CPE points; get another starters AAC Q (snookers most likely given she doesn't weave, do the teeter or like chutes); get another advanced jumpers Q
if Brody doesn't attend Regionals ~ attend them

Sally - earn a starters snookers Q (or 2!), fix the %^&$ aframe contact; earn another 2 advanced jumpers Qs; run advanced gamblers; earn level 1 CPE standard title; finish level 2 games titles (if I can find enough classes); run steeplechase and standard once aframe is working
Regionals? maybe .. need to give this some serious thought .. but I would like to have a dog there ...

Sampson - continue to backyard train him .. introduce 2x2 weaves and contacts, challenge him with short sequences

Me - participate in Regionals; continue having fun in this game I love; trust I will know when Brody wants to retire; tighten up my technical skills handling the variety of dogs I run; get the agility field up and operational; host something at the agility field; represent myself, my dogs and AAC well wherever I am playing


Sam said...

Well well, someone did a great job with their 2010 goals! ;) I can't wait to hear more about your pups in 2011. I bet you'll achieve everything you've planned and more. (And I hope you get that blog issue fixed soon - your comments about Marge's agility and/or behavior are some of the most insightful I've ever gotten!)

Happy New Year,
Sam and MargeDog

Muttsandaklutz said...

Wow, them's a whole lot of "done"s -- way to go! I love the variety of goals you've set for 2011, so much to work on and have fun with. Congrats again on all your successes in 2010; looking forward to what 2011 brings you guys!