Sunday, June 06, 2010

the head game ...

Sally wondering if the tour plans are REAL this time

As I look at planning the comeback tour I realize there are some parts of this game I can do quite well already.

Nerves aren't a problem for me - though they may flare up on the comeback tour!
Nor do I get frustrated with the dog when things go wrong (myself - that's another matter.
I compete against myself not against other people - as long as every run is better than the one before I am quite happy.

There are things that I will always need to work on too:

Running with intention can be problematic for me at times - I don't always care enough - awful eh?

It is POURING rain here - and there is a driving wind - I woke up and thought - if I had agility today I would NOT go - what a bad bad attitude - however it is my attitude and one I will have to learn to live with.

Keeping what matters to me at the top of my mind can be tough too - think about the dog first. It's not what I see modelled so it's easy to let slip - but when it does slip I get quite upset with myself so it's important to think MY WAY.

Learning the more complicated masters courses was challenging at first - I suspect that will be challenging again.

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