Saturday, June 12, 2010

day 2 and the fun continues

3/4 today and the missed Q was a Q for Brody and I - somehow I had the wrong course entry into a tunnel (the MUCH HARDER ONE) so I asked him for that tough one - never realized it was wrong and zoomed off to run a fabulous course - while I am PEEVED at me I am thrilled to be running again .. and I didn't let it rattle me for long 9it was the second class today)

The other classes were great - snookers is one of my favourite classes - I like the thinking - Brody racked up 45 points!! Fullhouse is fun too - the challenge of this course was to get three plain jumps in - a NUMBER of people didn't manage that. brody needed 23 points and got 29 so that was quite secure. Wildcard is not my favourite game - I always try to do something in it to make me think - it is usually VERY straightforward and over too fast for me .. today I ran without my hands - no sweat ...

I am so very lucky to live with Brody ..
I am so very lucky to be able to play a game I like SO MUCH even if not often enough
I am so very lucky to have a support system that understands this strange desire


Muttsandaklutz said...

Wow, you guys are running spot on! Congrats on another great trial! What a little man Brody is.

I totally echo your sentiments at the end :-)

hornblower said...

HI there! Thanks for coming by my blog & commenting on my ramblings regarding competitive dog sport.

I love how you finished your post!

I strongly suspect that I would have seen the bond b/n you & your dogs - regardless of how fast you moved away from the exit etc. There are some handlers who really work as part of a team; & others who just handle dogs, but they're not part of a handler-dog team, kwim?

I'll be checking out your other blogs too!