Friday, June 11, 2010

He really is a super star

the comeback tour began with a strong start today

2/2 without a foot wrong

Masters Snookers .. the closing went tire(2), tunnel (3), jump (4), dogwalk (5), tunnel, jump, tunnel (6) and weaves (7)

I usually don't pick sequences for Brody to repeat but this was CLASS ONE of the tour .. and I wanted flow - the best flow BY FAR for Brody was red, 6, red 6, red dogwalk and start the closing - he sailed around it - nearly got through 6 in the closing ...about 1/3 of the dogs qualified in the class so I was very pleased Brody was one of them :)(he won his class too) he was very pleased too - which was pretty amusing.

Masters Jumpers - a nice opening line around and into a tunnel then a line back with a LOT of off course options ... then a spin around and angled line to finish

The course was made for Brody - so I pushed myself and handled him as if he were Thea or Sally - adding crosses in places Brody might not need one and being as tight and clear as possible with my handling ... it felt really really good - there wasn't one second on course that I had any doubt about my dog - and that included when a horrible sounding squabble between dogs broke out .. it distracted me quite badly but Brody just steadied til he knew where to go then blasted away

He was 9 seconds under time - a quick little JRT beat us for first but only by 3 seconds .. I don't really mind where I place in a class - I suspect that comes from my starter days when sometimes I'd be the only dog - and getting a ribbon when you don't q seems weird to me

a very nice start to the tour that's for sure :)

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Muttsandaklutz said...

WOO HOO!! That's so awesome :-) Sounds like both runs were really fun and you and Brody were in the zone. So glad the comeback tour had such a fantastic start!