Saturday, September 01, 2012

Putting my heart where my mouth is ...

Great day running Miss Sally today!!

Advanced Gamble was fun - 2 very doable mini's - tho we only did one - even so had 28 points in the opening (and I wasted time trying the one mini - DOH). The final gamble was a jump, turn, teeter, jump, tire and Sally nailed it - however I had too far to get to the gamble (wasted time) and she was slightly over time.

Starters Standard - dropped the second jump collecting for the teeter (third obstacle) so we worked on perfect contacts the rest of the run - which meant repeating the aframe once .. she got the contact but didn't hold it ... great opportunity!!

Starters Snooker ... OH MY - Sally had a dog walk suck moment and added a dogwalk to her opening - making for yet another very short run - she thought she was hilarious though!!

Been a long while (like since the comeback tour started!) since we've had a no q day - was  a good reminder that, for me, it really is about the fun and the run!

Wyn was with us too - most most excellent funny puppy - have to keep introducing him to dogs when I can find them ... today he got to meet 2 11 week old puppies and lots of different types of adults- perfect!

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Muttsandaklutz said...

Sounds like a fun day! There's probably not much where Sally is involved that couldn't be fun :)