Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fancy that...

What a funny funny world we live in.

Sir Wynston Churchill is lying at my feet chewing a bone.

He was a good boy on his vacation (pretty sure that's how he views it) but he tired out his new brother and was driven working dog puppy persistent. He spent an hour hoping his brother would share a bone. Whining, slipping forward, pawing other dog in the head type stuff.  His human was worried that the persistence would turn eventually to aggression (no link between the two that I know of) although there were no signs. Whatever. Puppies are a boat load of work and working puppies put other puppies to shame in that regard.

Wyn was happy happy to see us but as soon as we got in the car he fell deeply asleep. He is visibly pleased to be home.

I hadn't even had a chance to introduce you to our newest foster - we are at least her 6th landing pad since birth. She's all of 7 months old. Where ever she was born; purchased as a puppy, turned over to a clinic at 3 months old with a blockage, home with a tech for a month, with a couple for awhile until he got terminally ill, with a sporting dog person who found 7 dogs overwhelming, here. She could be long haired Chihuahua, she could be Pomeranian, I'm going with toy American Eskimo though. Not that spitz are my favourite of the the choices but it really does fit her looks. Disposition wise she's just a delight. Not perfectly house trained, prone to a little separation anxiety, not sure of how to play she doesn't sound like she'd fit in as if she's always lived here does it?

HA! She sure fooled you! Her name was Kiki which sounds so much like TT that it was confusing them both. (Kiki was her third name we were told). Big T wanted to call her Helga  - luckily she won't respond to that one! So Big T used another of Thea's nicknames "Yennifer Hlopez" which I shortened to Yen ...or Yennie ... then Wyn came back and suddenly, again, we have two similar sounding names in the house. Can't win for trying sometimes! The other names I liked were YAY and Cheers so there many be another name change soon.

Yen took a rawhide out of Wyn's mouth and has tucked herself into a dog bed to have a good chew. Wyn let her. Yen might weigh 7 pounds, Wyn must weigh 25. Yah, dominant. HA! That's what I worry about too. NOT!  Who knows what the future holds ... right now I see lots of lovely walks in my future!


Sara said...

Oh Wyn! Good to have you back, but sorry it didn't work out.

Yennie is adorable :)

Laura and The Corgi, Toller, & Duck said...

Drat. It always works out for the best though, I'm sure Wyn will find a great home soon!

Yennie sure looks cute. Sounds like you have a busy household right now!