Tuesday, April 03, 2012

rewarding times

It was interesting to watch people when they were finished working last week. Many simply grabbed their dog and stood still in the ring until they got feedback. The dogs stood and watched, seemingly quite happy but not sure if they were done or about to start back up or what.
I, as you'll see if you watch the video, had my own twisted sense. I was glad the cameras kept rolling so often through the very end of the session.

I was also pleased with the way I used a variety of rewards. Different toys, different food, different placement. Keeping the dogs engaged and wanting to play is important to me.

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Sara said...

What a sweet video of happy dogs :)

I hear instructors yelling,"Reward! Reward!" all the time. Funny how people forget to acknowledge their dog. There is so much to think about it agility, but rewarding our dog should be at the top of our list.