Monday, April 09, 2012

Lucky Lucky

Today is a day off for me.

Thursday was a very long day with work and then set up for the show - lots of trips across the city!
Friday was opening day at the All About Pets Show. Fun, but as with every year for the last 17 a little chaotic making sure the vision of Thursday worked in reality! Friday was also the busiest day in terms of number of visitors.  Saturday the show was fun, with fewer visitors it's the day I snuck away for a few minutes and to check out some of the vendors. Always lots I'd buy if I won a lotto - and  I do stock up on treats and try something new (This year I was gifted a Shticky too - we;ll see how that works on the volume of hair my gang generates!). Sunday things were very smooth but the tear down loomed large in my mind.  (Each day I was working at the central adoption area, helping out at the higher end artsy booth we have to raise money for the rescue I work most closely with  and running 2 agility shows)

Many many things I love about the show - seeing adopters from the past is HUGE

As is getting animals in great homes

Hanging out with dear friends

Loving on the dogs

17 years of no Easter is a long long time tho!

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Muttsandaklutz said...

Sounds like an exhausting weekend but the animals -- and the adopters -- are so lucky to benefit!