Sunday, September 18, 2011

Practise ...

Thea practised using all four legs today - YAY! Hopefully one more day of crate rest and this episode will be behind us.

I thought I practised 270s with Sally and Brody until I was thinking about it driving back to the city tonight and realized I practised right angles ... whoops - math is not my strong suit .....

It was a cool little zig zag -  table, off to the right first jump - 90 degrees back to second jump  then 90 degrees to weaves ... was not easy to do with Brody and his quirky weaves but he was zooming and having fun ... Sally was awesome too... any direction, any opening handling - nailing it right and left ... (all for a dead water bottle!)

Sampson did a couple of 90 degree jump sequences ... then took off to smell the world - he really is too funny!

Too much fun! I love agility!

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Helen said...

I love agility too. Just fun to hang out with the pups.