Wednesday, September 07, 2011

hard times...

the dogs have been displaced by the real world of work ...

Really? All over?

They go from being central to all day every day  to snoozing from 7:50 to anytime between 4:30 (on the best of days) to 7:00 (the worst of days - and I work VERY hard to make sure they are rarely completely alone for that long)

Sampson goes to daycare daily - he was crated his first year with us but he is quite anxious crated and is quite a mess by the time I get home ... he loves his buddies at Parkers Pet Care ... his human buddies that is - they have indiviual runs and play yard time and that suits both him and me best!
Sally goes to daycare with him occasionally - no more than once a week as she is too smart - she gets out of runs and works on her take over of the human race ... she doesn't need to rehearse that nonsense too often!

Brody snoozes at home. he is pretty bouncy when I get home but he sleeps quite a bit when I am home anyhow so I suspect he just follows he sun spots around.

The dogs get treats (chicken strips, stuffed Kongs etc) and meals in dispensers so everything takes awhile.

I don't love it, Big T doesn't love it, the dogs don't love it but it works for us!


Sara said...

Tough going back, but someone has to make money for all the dog stuff!

Muttsandaklutz said...

Yep, back to the grind... boooo