Friday, October 08, 2010

and ..goal setting revisited

I have tried to goal set over the two and half years but really my only goal should have been getting back into agility.

Now however I have been back for 4 months. Time to kick my sorry ask me now more questions self into gear and figure out a plan. So from now to regionals (ish):

Brody - the BIG debate still raging in my head is go for ATCH or not....
the masters gambles will be very very hard for my steady velcro freddy ... if I want to do them I'd better get started on them seriously soon ....
other goals for Brody- AAC - snookers title ... with one to go I know that will happen
participate in regionals (location dependant) and perhaps qualify for nationals ( points # dependant) - Or maybe I should just express that as earn 350 + points at regionals ...
CPE - finish all level 3 titles (1 standard, 1 colours, 1 fullhouse, 2 wild card and 3 jackpot to go- dunno about jumpers ...missed that class somehow in my counting) and see where we get ... CPE trials are done til feb at the earliest so we may not quite this knocked off but we should be able to make a good start

Thea - AAC - advanced jumpers earn another 2 qs and be in mastees jumpers - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (better work on chute too then) - think about regionals
play in snookers and gamblers and see where we get
CPE - earn 300 more points towards our level one points title (the very most any class can earn is 25 points - and many are 20) so thats at LEAST 12 classes
overall - chute, teeter, weave training - get those skill sets in place :)

Sally - AAC - earn starters game title (2 snookers, one gamble to go); start playing in standard classes; work on advanced game title
CPE - earn all level 2 games titles, earn level one standard title
overall - get an aframe I'm happy with and maintain criteria across the board

My goals - maintain my training, maintain my attitude towards trialling as a stepping stone to what I want - as someone emailed me today - don't get sucked in by the mighty Q god ..

My q rate has been pretty high over the last 4 months - both collectively and individually but that wasn't my goal .. it's a lovely side result of the work we've invested in agility- I need to accept that it probably won't always stay that high depending on who I'm running where and for what purpose. \


Sam said...

I've never thought of setting goals, really. The only goal that I ever really set for Marge was getting her CGC certificate - and I predicted it'd take a LOT longer than it actually did!

Perhaps, once I see where we are after this next month of trialing, I will set some goals for 2011. I would like to go for my MX or MXJ (AKC Masters title - 10 Q's) in 2011, but that might be too lofty for a dog who isn't even out of Open yet (and for a handler who will likely only do about 15-16 days of trialing total!)

Sam said...

And, of course, best of luck to you as you work on your goals - we'll be cheering you on from NY. :)

andrea said...

Sam - while I often don't get through my goals for me they keep me from getting wigged out by a lousy trial or two - or another hcallenge I hadn't predicted. I can keep big picture stuff in mind more easily with some goals around. I don't beat myself up if they don't happen though. Life has had a nasty habit of not letting me be the control freak I want to be lately.

Muttsandaklutz said...

I can understand your debate... I'm not sure if you've met/seen Kathleen and her little mix Milo? They trial at AARF and other Ottawa/Kingston places too. Anyway, he was a *serious* velcro dog for the longest time. Finally when all he needed for his ATCH were Gamblers, she really focused on working those distance skills... within about a year he was a completely different dog, now has his ATCH and a few more gamblers to boot :) It can be done! But, I also understand not necessarily wanting to go down that road for lots of reasons. And, sounds like there are plenty of other goals to work on :)

andrea said...

Lisa - you are right on
it's just a matter of deciding how hard I want to work with Brody on this .. I think I'll enter a few gambles classes over the winter and see how they go. If I see he's demotivating I'll stop. I'm pretty sure I have that much self control. And if the gamble is impossible maybe I'll ask about swapping him and Sally (who could run FEO)I do know Milo so that's interesting to know. Thanks