Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shaping Sampson...

this is NOT exactly the new toy - but the new toy is a kong with blue canvas hanging down from it - Sam would love this toy too. He should be the spokesdog for Kong - only dog I know who adores them better empty than with food stuffing!

I was waiting for the heating inspection guy to come so I could open the gate for him and had a new toy out to distract Sam and Sal

Sampson wanted it badly .. so I decided to give shaping a try and I didn't have a clicker on me - OUTRAGEOUS! So I chose putting him through a very short straight tunnel ... he looked at it - "yes" and got the toy. He stepped towards it "yes" and toy was presented. THIRD time he went through the tunnel like a pro - he got the toy thrown out in front and BINGO the light bulb clicked on in his little brain. So we did that both directions a couple of times. The fellow to inspect the system arrived. We chatted for a few minutes then he got to work. So Sam and I went back to work.

I put a soft curve in one end of the tunnel " J". No problem. Both ends to make a "C" . No sweat. Took a break. Then an "S". No cue yet. I'll add tunnel next time I grab a minute to play with him or the time after. We spent maybe 15 minutes on this - spread out over the hour our visitor was here.

I shape often
. I shouldn't be so surprised when it works so well. But it is SO MUCH fun.

The visitor was pretty impressed too. Asked lots of good questions. Has a min-pin. Took my number and email.


Muttsandaklutz said...

So cool! Go Sampson go! Walter learned tunnels by being held by a scary stranger and me at the other end trying to bribe him to go through. Is it any wonder he's not particularly fond of tunnels? ;-) Next dog will be done mucho differently. I agree, shaping is so much fun!

andrea said...

Yup - I've always had somebody holding the dog while I called them through - even Sally did it that way a couple of times too - but here I have no training help at all in the week. I'm actually glad as I saw the power of shaping yesterday - again!!

Katie, meeka and maizey said...

Yay to shaping! Once you get a dog who loves to think things out and is used to shaping it is so much fun to watch them figure it out!

Great blog! I just found you guys and it is great!