Friday, July 09, 2010

box work of the vareharri sort



J -----------------J
u----------------- u
m ----------------m
p----------------- p


no idea if the formatting will work but I have been playing with a box of sorts the last couple of days

Table 1

6---- 2

J 7 ---------------3 J
u ------------------u
m----------------- m
p 9 ---------------5 p

8 Macaroni 4

one example of the fun Sally and I have been having :)


7-- 3

1 J ------------2 J
u -------------u
m ------------m
8 p 6 --------4 p

Macaroni 5

they type of thing I ask brody to do
He can easily threadle or serpentine just about anything

Thea does lots of straight simple lines - but even that's been good for teaching her not to drop behind me

Three days of box work in a row - have I mentioned I like summers?

the biggest challenge is having all the dogs wanting to work at once - Sally has to do a down wait but I can see it kills her .. good for her though right?
Brody won't wait but he trots along at my feet unless he's cued to do something .
Thea will jump with Brody and try to grab his tail as he passes her - she's HILARIOUS.

Today I too advantage of the desire to work together and sent all three dogs to the table together - whoever got on it first got a treat - Thea and Sally were seriously racing each other!

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