Sunday, November 24, 2013

baby it's cold outside ....

Brody is on my feet. Dora (yes she's still here) is on my hip. The heat is on full force and I'm wondering if I can hibernate until April. I have never loved winter (being a weather weenie and all) but this is the first year I've understood the snow birds at all. I think I'd skip it if possible.  The dogs largely seem to be in agreement. They run out grab a frozen apple and race back to the house to eat it on the couch. 

Pulled out the scent jar on Friday to introduce the game  to Dora -Sally, Brody and Yen were all very insistent they get a turn. Hid the scent on Sally in some weird places -she nailed every single search. Such fun.

The skinny horse continues to improve. He's hosting a Christmas Party to thank his Team.

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Helen said...

It was cold at AARF. I promised Beckett a game of frisbee but with the wind it was terribly cold so when we went out it was just to let them potty then right back inside.