Monday, August 27, 2012

Give a boy a break ....

Wyn is really quite an amazing little soul. He sits on a verbal cue and by default for things like getting a leash on or waiting for dinner, he goes to kennel or bed when asked. He plays happily by himself or with people or dogs, he tugs, he is starting on 'out' (as long as the toy isn't too high value), he asks to go out to potty, he walks nicely on a leash and he is thrilled to meet and greet people. He has a happy puppy recall at the moment so is enjoying bombing around at the farm when I collect fresh feed for the rabbits. He gives great snuggles.

He is a puppy through and through - he barks, shrilly and loudly, at times. He bites on occasion as if he were Jaws himself. He is in a phase where if he can get his little mouth on kleenex or paper towel they are shredded instantly, with glee and a huge mess. He climbs in the water bowls and empties them all over the kitchen floor. He gets overwrought when tired or hungry. He's pretty consistently wide awake and raring to go by 6 am.  He drives me crazy at times. He is a 10 week old puppy.

If he walked in our door as a 10 month old puppy I'd think he was pretty good. I really do need to keep things in perspective and remember he is still a tiny (big!) baby who in normal circumstances would probably only just be starting on his "puppy" phase. No great leads on homes for him yet - which is fine as I'm not rushing back to work next week but he really is a find.


Laura and The Corgi, Toller, & Duck said...

Gosh he's cute! Puppies are exhausting some times :)

Sara said...

Um, er, he's ten weeks. Why is it that my 18 month puppy seems to be going thru the same phase?

Love his ears!!!!

andrea said...

Exhausting is a good word for it Laura!!
Sara -HAHA - Sampson is THREE and still in some puppy phase -I so hear you ;)