Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Just one jump ...

Brody has pulled exactly 2 rails in his life - one in a standard run at CPE Nationals in 2008 in very deep footing.  

Brody turns 12 TODAY and the last 2 days confirmed something I have been noticing for a good while. His vision is going, going, not quite gone. We stayed at a new to him house and he was particularly cautious if the lighting wasn't perfect. I ran him on one course at the Webb Anderson clinic yesterday and the evening light was very difficult for him to read. He ran fast, we had fun but he took down that second rail in that run. He also looked for me which he had long gotten over. 

I may show him in AAC again - a master's jumpers or snookers might happen in perfect lighting or on a day he's hanging with me being bored - he LOVED playing yesterday but pretty much he's AAC/outdoor trials retired. 

CPE indoors was working fine for him in the spring - I suspect the more even lighting indoors helps him out a great deal so I may continue to run him there as long as he's having fun. 

happy birthday buddy ....  I hope you like your present!

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Muttsandaklutz said...

Ah, Brody! Still doing pretty darn amazing though, eh. Here's hoping for lots more good-lighting agility fun in his future!