Monday, August 08, 2011

We made it home .

15 ) Brody - ON / All Canadian 6 Inch                                385.2

Gamblers 1 66.00 50.63 23 27.60
Standard 1 74.00 70.08 0.00 0.00 0.00 103.92
Jumper 1 58.00 45.95 0.00 0.00 0.00 87.05
Gamblers 2 66.00 48.18 22 26.40
Standard 2 74.00 87.32 13.32 25.00 38.32 61.68
Jumper 2 56.00 52.45 0.00 0.00 0.00 78.55

He's 8th of the Ontario dogs  ... we brought home a 6th place standard ribbon and a 9th place jumpers ribbon too - what a boy!

Saturday was coolish and Brody didn't mind his wet wet feet very much at all

our first run was jumpers - a nice warm up

Brody ran it nicely - though he was quite slow from 1-4 he handle the serp at the end like a pro and he was quick. Quick enough to earn a 9th place ribbon.

Next up for us was gamblers  - never ever my favourite .... and not Brody's strong suit ... but that was OK  - it was a nice course

I opened with a serp of tire, tunnel double then zipped up the outside line, repeated the four pointer then played in the middle til the whistle went .. he very happily did jump one - ignored the tunnel so I didn't waste time leaving happily!

Final class Saturday was standard

Brody was a superstar out there - I got lost a couple of times- just slightly but irritating as it slowed us WAY down -that said he made up for me well enough to earn a 6th place in the class. What a rockstar!

Sunday was not our day. He was very slow in gamblers earning 22 points instead of the 30 he could have quite easily. Our standard run was the worst run we've had in years - close to forever- keeping me real I guess. He did the opening fine - then stalled at jump 4. Stalled so hard he wasted a good 4 seconds and spun (for an R) before he restarted. I was ticked so did the wrong jump on the way to the finish line. The sun had just come out and we were both hot and cranky. His jumpers run was lovely 3.5 yps - good enough for 12.. too bad as that would have been a nice ribbon run! I can put it in my bank of runs to replicate that's for sure.

114 ) Sally - ON / All Canadian  22 Inch                            320.78

Gamblers 1 60.00 57.52 7 7.00
Standard 1 58.00 50.91 0.00 10.00 10.00 90.00
Jumper 1 39.00 43.37 4.37 20.00 24.37 50.63
Gamblers 2 60.00 58.99 29 29.00
Standard 2 57.00 55.93 0.00 40.00 40.00 60.00
Jumper 2 45.00 35.85 0.00 0.00 0.00 84.15

As I said before leaving,  experience was the name of the game for Sally here - I'm pretty pleased with her .. *the 7 point gamble was me insisting she do 12 24' inch weaves as she hasn't seen them since June ...  she nearly got both final gambles ...
*her first jumpers run would have 5 faults (instead of 20+) had I known what to do -she went between the top and bottom rail of a jump (#16) - there was a striped fence- and bleacher backs and she just couldn't see the bar .. weirdness but I've never had her do that before so I doubt I'll see it again
* first standard run was a big bobble wide (me in wrong place as usual) and the last bar down because I was SO thrilled to see the finish line I think  - pretty awesome mistakes .. given all the options out there!
*second gamble

was OK .. should have been able to do the mini but I changed the direction I tried it from first without walking it and I should know better than that now
on the same I should be cluing in note - I also could have tried to get the weaves again - Sally found them but blew the entry in the final gamble - there was no whistle but I was so pleased she found them at all I just made up a little gamble and ran out! Doh

* second standard

 she missed the last pole in the weaves and was so quick to the teeter I had no chance to correct - she ran a little wobbly to that point - it was a wicked fun, wild course .. and I honestly thought she only had a refusal on a jump (11 after the tunnel under the dogwalk)  but looking at our score maybe she back jumped the run past jump to get to the right place ... or maybe the judge didn't see us do it? Again it didn't matter so I obviously didn't look at the scribe sheet that carefully

* last jumpers,

 I was wiped out, I had watched a LOT of errors - the tunnel entries were closer in real than on the map- I decided to run for broke and see what happened  - I nearly got lost, I didn't lead out as far as I had planned, I was not smooth and even but Sally made up for all my errors and more. She ran 5.2 yps and was clean. She was 28th in the class with 9 seconds between her and first place... unreal  - what a fabulous heart of gold dog

it was a great learning experience and a wonderful weekend!  Much more to come I suspect...

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Muttsandaklutz said...

I'm so glad you and the pups had a great time! I remember when you were deciding whether to go or not... sounds like it was a good decision in the end :-)

And big congrats on your weekend! That was a fun read, thanks for including the course maps. Boy oh boy, a lot of those courses looked complicated and hard to remember, PLUS hard to execute. Brutal combination! Awesome, awesome job with it all.

Hope you have a chance to rest and recuperate for a few days after all that!