Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh My doG!

You knew it had to be Sally didn't you?
Picture is even more blurry than usual... as I was driving as I snapped it. Driving on a farm lane way not a public road.

Sally has invented a new job for herself. Yup, agility, rabbit watching, chicken herding, Quiz chewing, Sampson bouncing, cat cuddling, chasing sticks, swimming, holding the table down when i work other dogs, supervising meal prep,  cleaning up after parrot meals, and snuggling are not enough work for this girl. She has added trying to grab branches from trees that come near the car when we are driving into her daily job description. Someone posted this unattributed cartoon on facebook. It cracked me up and reminded me of life with Sally

It is both a little frightening and hysterically funny as she takes her new responsibility VERY seriously. What a Whole Lot of Dog she is!

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Muttsandaklutz said...

Life can never be boring with Sally around! What a creative and hard-working girl she is!