Sunday, June 12, 2011

deets... for those who want them and for the records ,,,

Brody - 7 firsts, 1 second, 7 Q's... missed Q was a standard run  that I ran off course ,,,

earned Q's ... level 3 jumpers, jackpot (with 52 points - woohoo), level 4 -wildcard, one standard, colours, wildcard, snookers ( ... good dog ...

Thea - the superstar of the weekend ... 5/5 Q's ... more points for our level one title ..  snooker (44 points!), colours, fullhouse, jumpers, wildcard

Sally - what an naughty sista! She was a lunatic yesterday although she settled down ..I made some bone dumb errors handling her too  - ignored the basic requirements for one course - DOH! snookers pulled a rail at # 2 on an otherwise beautiful run, one standard leaped off the aframe from the first slat(yes you read that right!), and her wildcard course was crazy - ignored the basic requirements for the course there too (getting all of the more complex choices when we should have done one easy option). Better rounds were colours earned a smoking level 2 Q for a title :), a level 2 jackpot (37 points) so only one left at level 2, a level 3 jumpers earned (slowly 4.7 yps) and ... are you ready for this? a level one standard - as usual it was a lovely run and she got her aframe - YEEEEHAWWWWW :) nice note to end a great weekend on that's for sure :)

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Muttsandaklutz said...

I don't know how you manage to keep track of all those -- Qs!!! Wowie! Great stuff. Must be fun having a crazy Sally in your life to keep you on your toes ;)