Sunday, May 23, 2010

my idea of a perfect day ...

*yup this is my playground on weekends - it's a rough life

up early (well maybe too early- thanks Brody!)

weed a little
play with dogs
weed some more

do a bounce grid with the dogs
prepare a new bed

work offside weaves with Thea and Sally
pick rocks
plant tomatos
entertain family for a bbq hot dog for lunch

do a tunnel 2 jump sequence that lets me practise front and rear crosses
have a little rest in the shade

then back to garden, back to dogs

maybe go to lake a little later ... maybe just rock pick, weed, plant and play agility for the rest of the day

a very very nice day so far - and probably improving!
with very very good dogs I must add - Sally was really cracking her back jumping round and thoughtfully and Thea was THRILLED to be blasting around - in fact it was good for us as she presumes hatever she can see is what she should do so some front crosses captured her attention nicely :)

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Muttsandaklutz said...

What a glorious day... at first I thought you were describing a theoretical perfect day... but no! And, many more days like this to look forward to. Enjoy! :-)