Saturday, April 10, 2010

why do my dogs have good jumping form?

I think it is a multi pronged answer actually

1) I am very aware of good form and take time specifically to teach jumping skills - distance, form, landing, varying rates of approach, angles for approach etc .. all those years riding pay off

2) I watch how they jump and make adaptations to my training program when needed

3) They all have the opportunity to practise naturally - we walk through woods, across strewn logs up and down dales and hills .. cross fence lines
they have a chance to put what they learn in training into a real world application

Fitz (the first picture**)taught me that clearly - he had NO FORM at all when he came to me - I still wish there had been room at home for one more dog in training when we fostered him - he had serious potential

** I found some shots I hadn't moved to the computer yet today - what fun!

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