Sunday, August 03, 2008

the bad bad MAD Brody

well Brody and I are just home from a trial and he was truly beastly in a couple of classes - earning a whomping 12 points in a class he usually easily earns 22 or more in (then he misses the gamble).

it was hot

it was wet

i haven't done much agility lately

there are a million excuses but the only one that matters is that we blew it ...

we blew it in gamblers (not a strength of ours anyhow), snookers (earning 27 points when we needed 34 - GACK), jumpers (running so slowly at the start we couldn't make up the time at the rocking end- 4 seconds over time - ACK)

we had a lovey run in team clear and quick but our partner had 10 faults so our 5th time in that class was no charm for us

HOWEVER we did redeem ourselves with a very nice (if I do say so myself) masters standad run - 8 seconds undertime and the only trouble was the weaves - not terrible trouble obviously but a moment of OH GOD did he step backwards - I don't think so - did the judge think so??

Brody is now a Veteran Masters Agility Dog of Canada.. WOOHOO and something I hadn't even set as a goal - it seemed so out of reach!

better set some new goals soon

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Muttsandaklutz said...

WOW!!! That is a very COOL title to have. How great to have such a wonderful run to make up for the ... less-wonderful runs that day. :-D