Saturday, July 17, 2010

a wee bit of our day ...

dial up and pictures don't totally agree with each other but how can I resist

after snapping away all day ... here are some telling a story of a LITLLE bit of our lovely day ...

Big T offered to snap a picture of Sally mid jump so I could see her form
it wasn't successful - but it was fun! There were a fair few pictures of a jump - with nothing else!

the compression in her hind end is amazing - I also think Thea is pretty darn cute watching ;

put the word "tunnel" to Sampson's behaviour today - he trained me to reinforce him coming back to me back through the tunnel too - very cute - and made snapping a picture easier - so thanks Sammo

Samaroo doing his best impression of an alligator in long grass instead of water - he was having way too much fun!

Brody and Thea checking out the future agility field

Sally in the middle of that same field - looking rather pensive eh?

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