Saturday, June 19, 2010

what a tangled weave we weave sometimes..

Sally has rocking weaves - truly rocking - they swing back and forth if they aren't driven into the ground .. she can find a TOTALLY independent entry and if I am "on side" she blasts through them without much fuss at all - occasionally she'll pop out but usually not and usually she is quite quick - I can run with her, hang behind her be close or laterally 10 feet or more out no problem. Her off side weaves are More difficult for her - and I'm not sure why. She wants more support and guidance. If I start on side and rear cross she's fine - if she's running a line hard she tends to be fine too but if she has time to think about it - FORGET it ...

Today we worked a pinwheel - 2 jumps, a tunnel and 6 weaves - quite straight forward as I wanted her blasting weaves both directions ... it worked ..
I used a ratty old stick as her reward and she thought that was the BEST ..lately I've been using food as I don't want her over aroused all the time.

I need to work more more more off side weaves though - her style should be the same either way

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Muttsandaklutz said...

Awesome... there's nothing quite like watching a dog nail a tough weave entry all on their own. I'm sure she'll figure out the other side before you know it.