Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So Much FUN!!!

We had a "Welcome Summer Agility Fun Night" at the hall I run at ...


First class - snakes and ladders - 1 point for every obstacle completed in 60 seconds on a course that runs up and down in lines ....

Thea ran first and smoked it ...except she doesn't do teeter, dog walk or weaves ;)
She also blind crossed behind me and layered out to a lovely line on the other side of the aframe - just for fun! whoops ... guessing she got 22 points or so

Brody ran his usual steady and fairly speedy self .. I think he earned 22 points as well

Sally ran well - thinking and turning ... got her contacts .. 27 points or so

Second class - tunnel snookers

each tunnel was worth 2 points, apart from that it was a regular snookers course - Thea got 41 points, Brody earned 54 points and depending on when the timer started Sally earned 40 or 56 points ... quite impressive work from my gang :)

Third class was a jumpers class - nice little tricks but flowy - Thea ran a very steady clear, Brody handled beautifully but i left out a jump I had to go back to, and Sally was just incredible to handle .. she had an off course as I over steered but apart from that she was phenomenal .. i was in the right place, she was listening - I was simply thrilled with the run - THRILLED I say!!!

The last class was HILARIOUS - moving mat gamble - we carried a mat and dropped it where ever we could to double our point for an obstacle...Sally was amazing and Brody somehow freaking tied for second!!! All dogs ran well and let me place the mat a few times - even little Thea who I had planned to run without using the mat at all
not that it matters a whit but all the dogs ended up with more than 4 points (the minimum) Thea came 3rd twice - so 8 points, Sally came 2nd twice - 12 points I think, Brody I honestly didn't notice - he ran brilliantly though - and fast - so I'd guess he came 2nd and 3rd a couple of times - maybe 10 points or so?

what a laugh - what a lovely way to head to summer...

I was so pleased with the way all the dogs ran - Sophie (Sally's sister) was having fun; Cadence was listening - all handlers were having fun and yet taking time to reward their dogs and hold their criteria ..

I have very positive feelings about all my dogs generally - tonight was some lovely icing on the cake is that my agility life :)

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Muttsandaklutz said...

What a wonderful day indeed! Wonderful that things are going awesome will all three of your agility crew :-) Lots to look forward to with them this summer!