Thursday, November 13, 2008

sad days

I'm so sad to be writing tonight ...
Wonderful Pat and more wonderful Killian are in crisis - Killian is in the hospital and critically ill ...
Killian is a lovely gentle German Shepard who inspires me to work at agility - He is steady and methodical and gave me a great deal of hope when Brody and I were starting
Pat is one of the most generous and thoughtful people I've met. I see her often - CPE trials, Acton and down at my eastern events too! She has shared snookers courses with me and been the first to say WOW after a nice run ... I am so worried for them

Dear Crystal lost her amazing Kelvin yesterday - he was a really neat soul - an overgrown sheltie who just delighted in the world - when he was good he was FABULOUS when he wasn't good he made us all chuckle. I was watching Crystal one winter running a standard run - and it was a nice run - then at the last moment it fell apart - I went to commiserate with her - and she said "hey it was a great run - it just wasn't meant to be ". Her pleasure in her dear friend was evident to me - and I aspire to let people see my appreciation for my dogs.

Snowflake died today - 12 years ago I drove Snowflake from the Brampton shelter to her foster home - she shook and quivered in the back of my car and I had to carry her to the door of the house. She was PETRIFIED of things around her neck and the whole world was pretty alarming. With a great deal of love and TLC she came a long way out of her shell ... she takes a little piece of my heart with her to the rainbow bridge.

One of the great staff at school lost her dear dog last night too. Only 14 her pooch had been battling a bad cough but had been vetted and was on medication. So sad ...

so tragic ... really brings home how tenuous life can be

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