Saturday, November 08, 2008

on fitness ...

In this far too long agility hiatus I've been on I haven't been WORKING ON fitness the same way I was in the spring - not for me not for the dogs ... however I realized today that having built such a good base of fitness for us all has paid off - we've been hiking at the land lots and Brody is a going concern - he keeps up doesn't get puffed- clambers over under and through brush and fences like the big young dogs.
Our young foster dog Fitz has actually gotten fitter through the hikes; he used to need to be carried for a break mid way - today he kept up with the pack.
Brody keeps working on his back muscles too - he offers his cute stretches and dances when he wants something and every morning he balances carefully on his haunches to get his belly rub. I make sure to tickle different spots so he has to rebalance himself - you can actually see his back working!
I've had a heck of a cough the last few weeks so am moving a little slower than usual but still hauling wood, hiking and turning over the veggie garden beds so I guess my own fitness isn't too bad either.
I'd like to get a balance board for the dogs - Sally could use some specific muscle work and recent articles in Clean Run have had good ideas for that .. I think she'd just enjoy the work too (she's actually looking pretty good at the moment - fit and not too skinny or raw). Now, of course, Sally doesn't walk anywhere she RUNS flat out so her aerobic fitness is not in question.

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