Saturday, November 22, 2008

dumont died friday morning

I have posted my tribute to our King of Cats over on my cat blog
but my heart just aches... he is part of 36 years of loving cats - the last tie to Rufus, Rum and Sweetie Pie. He had lived everywhere Tom and I have lived since being married .. and he brought a whole lot of people over to the cats are wonderful camp!

I had a retreat on Friday and attended it all - people could see I was a bit frazzled but a night without sleep does that to you no matter the reason..

what a sad couple of weeks - my dear friend Beth lost her American Eskimo Joy last week as well as all the agility dogs

it always strikes me the way these things - times of great happiness or sadness seem to come in a clump; as always in our life there is lots good and interesting going on but it is hard to see that stuff today ...

(we have snow- quite a bit of it!)

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