Wednesday, December 19, 2007

a perfect agility blessing to head in 2008 with

Agility Blessing

May the tunnels not have too much suction,May the course be fun and fast.
May your dog not stop to say "hello"to the photographers they pass!
May the table not be too slippery,May the chute house no scary beasts,
May all the yellow parts be touchedwith one little toe, at least.
May the wind be always at your back,May no bars fall on the ground.
May the A-frame have no stop sign on the top,May the judge's whistle never sound.
May your dog obey all correct commandsAnd ignore the ones that are wrong.
May your heart be light, your feet be sureand the bond with your dog grow strong.
At the finish line, may great joy abound,regardless of your score,
You have your dog, your dog has you,,and who could ask for more?

Written by: PJ Hughes

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